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Mature Driver Online Auto Insurance Discount Class Makes the Course Cheap, Easy, and Fast

All California auto-insurance companies pursuant to section 11628.3 of the California insurance code must provide a discount of 10% to 15% for drivers 55+ who take our Online Mature Driver Course.

Study when you want

With an Internet Online Course that you can join it at any time from anywhere in the city. It is easy to complete the course modules at your own convenience from your office, while sitting in a cafe, or peacefully at home. There is no special software download or installation required. The Mature Driver Online Auto Insurance Discount Class internet course is a complete live online course hence eliminating the requirement to sit in a packed classroom and waste your important time and money. You are the boss here, where you can learn and give the final exam from wherever and whenever you wish to.

Unlimited logins and logoff

As the Mature Driver Online Auto Insurance Discount Class course is a comprehensive online course, one has to be logged into the internet at all times to access the study material. The best part about the online course is that the website provides you with the ability to login and logout of the course at any time. Unlike in-person classroom courses where you cannot go back if you do not understand some of the material, our online course allows you to go back to the previous material and read the chapters until you can understand it thoroughly.

Use any web-enabled computer

All you require to complete the Mature Driver Online Auto Insurance Discount Class course is a web-enabled computer. Any type of computer is compatible with the course software. The course is designed to fit with any internet browser that your computer is enabled with, be it the new Internet Explorer 8 or Google Chrome. Everything works! If your internet is connected through broadband or wireless LAN, you need not be concerned about compatibility issues, as it will work trouble-free along with any browser.

Guaranteed Success

The course is divided into small units and the focus is on individual chapters. The text and graphics used are simple and self-explanatory. This makes the course effortless and everyone can pass the final test. There is a quiz at the end of every chapter to help evaluate how much of the chapter one has understood and in turn will help you pass the final exam. We require a score of 80 percent or better to pass the final exam. There is 24/7 online customer support available to help you with any issues during the course. You can take the final exam any number of times for free until you pass. This guarantees your success if you do the Mature Driver Online Auto Insurance Discount Class course properly.

The course is the most convenient thing that can get your ticket reversed and insurance premium decreased without any snags. So what are you waiting for? Log on to and get your ticket erased right away.
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